is created out of a genuine love for attending live events…

Our Vision:

Our Vision to give one stop solution for event goers and event Organizers

The Problem:

Finding good and relevant events is made easy for event looking people There are great events happening around everyday. How do you get to know about them? Most likely, you hear about them via your local newspaper, visit online portals, catch them on billboards while driving to work or sometimes your friends share them with you.

In a recent survey, an overwhelming 85% of participants said that they came to know about an event after it had happened and regretted missing it. Has it ever happened to you as well? Wouldn't it be nice to be notified whenever events happen that match your interests or when your favorite band is in town? There is no place where you can see events happening in your locality or get recommendations based on your availability. Furthermore, with so many events happening around, how do you decide whether a particular event is worth your time and money?

Our Solution:

At Events4.Us, we help you find amazing events. We bring all events happening in your city, from various online and offline sources, at one place. You can now explore the gamut of events and navigate based on your interests, location, availability and social network. In addition, for each event, we provide details such as event popularity, quality, reviews when available, to help you make an informed decision. You can also set alerts for your interests and we will send a notification whenever a relevant event comes up. We are in the process of adding other simple event attributes such as whether the event is kid-friendly or not, is parking available at venue, is there a dress code and other relevant information.

In summary, we want to fix the whole event going experience. We want to make it easy and intuitive. There is a joy in attending events; a good event experience remains with us for lifetime. We want everyone to experience this feeling.